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How To Apply For Learner Motorcycle License

How To Apply For Learner Motorcycle LicenseHow To Apply For Learner Motorcycle License

<span class="post-title">How To Apply For Learner Motorcycle License

A motorcycle license for the learner shows that the driver is sufficiently competent to drive. To people on the highway that are new and have no road sense, this driving license is critical. The only thing that prohibits people from receiving a license is that they have no information.

The unfair conditions on the road and the unlawful conditions on the road make driving to Pakistan extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, if you ever get into an accident, the first thing Police Constable ask from you is your driver’s license.

Not many people go to school to learn how to drive and drive on the road without a license. A student’s license will do you well if you are new to riding a bike.

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You will find all the documents and information required to obtain your own motorcycle license. In this article.

If you are unsure about the entire process, you can get more information from the Driving License Issue Management System (DLIMS) where you can find the license form in the download section. Complete this form and submit to the nearest Licensing Centre for all necessary documents.

Learner Motorcycle License – Required Documents

The applying candidate needs to submit some documents in the office to apply for the learner motorcycle license. Here are all the details.

  • Copy of the identity card
  • Ticket of Rs. 60 from Post Office
  • Age should be 18 years for motorcycle/motor car
  • HTV 22 years
  • Must have a codebook of Traffic Rules & Regulation from Traffic Police Office
  • LTV (Tractor Commercial, Rickshaw, Taxi) to be 21 years
  • A medical certificate if the candidate is 50-years-old or above

Note that, the learner motorcycle license is only valid for 6 months. You can check the status and delivery time of your license from the DLIMS website.

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