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How To Block Sim Card

How To Block Sim CardHow To Block Sim Card

How To Block Sim Card Lost/Stolen

All of us have at least one in today’s world where mobile phones are now an extremely important part of our lives and are available in the market at reasonably affordable rates. Phone snatching has become a very common problem in Pakistan’s major cities. Today, we will provide you with complete information on Block Sim Card and how you can specifically block the SIM on-site, i.e. when the phone is broken and damaged, in an unpleasant situation.

Picture the truth of your worst fear, your mobile phone snatched up. No matter how costly the mobile is, it is your SIM card in the wrong hands that causes fear amongst the user. SIM can be used for wrong reasons–and sometimes for offenses–and since it is registered under your signature, it may lead to a series of steps taken to clear the smoke.

Also, if you haven’t disconnected your cell phone, what might happen exactly to the SIM blocking request? The answer is imperious.

There are too many instances in which a SIM registered under your name is being registered against CNIC, provided against the offender who does not have a link with the person who uses the SIM. The authorities in Pakistan have a praiseworthy system allowing people to check the number of SIMs registered under their name. You can always block the SIM if there is any inconsistency.

There is an easy route you can take, block the SIM card, in order to avoid needless ambiguity and clarity. The next question is now about the steps to be taken to do what is needed.

How To Block Sim Card

The first move is to reach and cancel the SIM card by the closest franchise.

The second most famous is calling the helpline, reporting the case and demanding SIM cancelation.

Use the following numbers to use the customer service representative.

When you are a consumer of Ufone, call 333 If you are a user of Warid, call 321 If you are a user of Jazz, call 111 If you are the user of Zong, call 310 If you are the user of Telenor please dial 345.

1. Zong SIM Block Code:

You just have to call Zong helpline number 310 in order to block the Zong SIM. You must provide the consumer agent with the certain information or the SIM will then be blocked and not exploited effectively. Please visit Zong Customer Care for further assistance.

2. Telenor SIM Block Helpline:

if your mobile phone has been broken or misplaced, consumers from Telenor will need to call 345 from any of the Telenor numbers. In order to check whether you owned or not the SIM you will be asked by a customer service representative. Your Telenor SIM is blocked following positive confirmation. Please visit Telenor Customer Care for further assistance.

3. Mobilink Jazz SIM Block Service:

If you are a mobile link jazz user who wants to have your SIM blocked due to an uncomfortable situation, you will have to dial 111 from any Jazz phone link number. The SIM will be blocked and will not be misused until positive confirmation. Login Jazz Customer Care for more details.

4. Ufone SIM Block Code:

By calling 333 from any number, customers of Ufone could simply block their SIMs. Like the above methods, Ufone is followed by the same procedure. Ufone customer service representative will block your SIM and nobody will misuse it again after successful verification. Please visit Ufone Online Customer Services for more information.

5. How to block the Block Warid SIM after snatching:

After successful testing, Warid customers will need to call the Warid Helpline in order to block SIM at 321. For more assistance please contact Warid 321 Services.

6. PTA SIM Block:

Mobile users can now report to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). This is not just mobile operators, but mobile device users. This is definitely a very effective step taken in discouraging smuggled phones, phone snatching and other similar problems by the Pakistani Government. To learn how to report lost or snatched mobile telephone on the PTA, please visit here.

7. Please visit next to the Franchise provider to block your SIM:

Nearly all customer care centers, franchises and experience centers are available throughout the state, including (Zong, Telenor, Jazz Mobilink, Warid & Ufone). All you have to do is find out about and visit your nearest service center by SIM. You will receive guidance/assistance from the customer assistance analyst available for such companies. In that way, once you have your CNIC and other necessary data, you can easily block your SIM.

This article has been helpful, hopefully. Our readers should always ensure your privacy and security by never providing any unauthorized source of your personal information. For now, stay tuned for interesting news, feedback, and updates.

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