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How to Change Name in NADRA

How to Change Name in NADRAHow to Change Name in NADRA

How to Change Name in NADRA

It is the responsibility of every child to give a good name to his parents, so always give babies good names. You can do so by taking a simple step and by meeting those criteria if you have given your child a name that you want to change later. The method of naming has been streamlined by NADRA. The need to print a name change ad in newspapers and lodge a petition in a judge’s court has now been discontinued. Here Is Complete Process Of How to Change Name in NADRA In Pakistan.

There are several reasons why people decide to change the names of their children; they either want to change their name or their spelling.

NADRA Name Change Procedure

NADRA has published guidelines for those who seek a change in their children’s names. Some requirements, including Applicants, must meet:

  • Filled and attested application form
  • An affidavit of the name change on Stamp Paper of Rs. 20 or Rs.50
  • Previously issued Form B (if already issued)
  • Biometric verification of the parents or any other blood relative is also required

You don’t need to publish an advertisement for name change in newspapers.

How to Change Name in B Form NADRA?

NADRA issues Form B which includes names, birth dates and children’s CNIC numbers. You will apply to form B at the normal cost after following the name change process as described previously, and a new Form B will be given, with a name changed on it.

Once you have done changing your name in your other legal papers, your B-form will change your name. You just have to pay the fees, try to change the name in B-FORM and you will be faced with a new B-FORM.

Rules to Remember

  • If you have completed your matric or above, you can request for a change of name on your Matric Certificate before you move to change your NADRA records.
  • In case that the head of the family changes the name, then all the family members are obliged to change their CRCs/NICOPs/CNICs.
  • The NICOP or POC holder requires a concerned consulate general to verify their name change.
  • Change of due to change of religion requires a certificate by the religious institute/mufti for confirmation.
  • A widower or a divorced woman can change her name to the previous one on her legal documents.
  • Adding a surname of your caste with your name does not require any submission of documents.
  • Changing your father or mother’s name on documents requires you to show their physical appearance in the NADRA’s office.

Remember because, once you have updated it on the files, you can not go back to your previous name.

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