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January 23, 2019

Top 100 Electrical Engineering NTS MCQs

Electrical Engineering NTS Mcqs will help you for the Preparation of Job Test,  Interview, and competitive exams etc. These Electrical Engineering NTS MCQs will help you to secure maximum marks in upcoming NTS Electrical engineering test and also you can get the idea of NTS tests for various electrical engineering related jobs.

Top 100 Electrical Engineering NTS Solved MCQs

1. Which transformer side has a low cross-sectional area:

A) Primary Winding B) Secondary Winding C) High Voltage Winding D) Low Voltage Winding

2. When two dices are thrown What is the probability of not appearing the same number on the dices?

A) 5/6 B) 1/6  C) 2/3 D) [...]

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January 20, 2019

Repeated NTS Test MCQs

List of Most Repeated NTS Test MCQs with answers For jobs in 2019, These are the MCQs that are mostly repeated in National Testing Service tests. Answers are Highlighted.

                      Repeated NTS Test MCQs Does current flow mean? (Flow of electron) What is the freezing point of Water? (0C) When the Muslim league comes into being? (1906) The first president of Pakistan Muslim League? Khaliquzzaman (1949) Which melts at room temperature? Mercury Who is the chairman of Senate of Pakistan? Sadiq Sanjrani What is Soap? Salt What type of gas in the electric bulb?  (Argon, neon etc) Who is Saudia King? Salman Who put martial law in 1977? Zia ul Haq Who abrogated [...]
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January 20, 2019

Solved Mcqs For All Jobs

Top 50 Questions & Solved Mcqs For All Jobs Which of the following gases is used in fire extinguisher?

A. Carbon Monoxide B. Sulfur Dioxide C. Carbon Dioxide D. Nitrogen

The colour of the sky is blue due to _____ of light.

A. Reflection B. Scattering C. Refraction D. Diffraction

One US barrel of oil is equal to: 

A. 42 litres B. 3.785 liters C. 158.987 liters (42 gallons x 3.785 liters) D. 3.785 gallons

Dolly is the name of the 

A. First cloned sheep B. First cloned monkey C. First test-tube baby D. First human fossil


Steel is an alloy of

A. Zn + Sn B. Fe + C C. Cu + Zn D. Cu + Sn

Bronze is an alloy of

A. Zn + [...]

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January 19, 2019

Verbal Reasoning Synonyms Test Online MCQs – 1

Verbal Reasoning Synonyms Test Online Synonyms – Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers. Here You can prepare Verbal Reasoning Synonyms Online MCQ’s. Check and attempt all synonyms quiz with answers and question for different Government jobs test preparation. You can do online preparation synonyms quiz free on daily basis. You can see synonym quiz, synonyms multiple choice questions with answers here on this page with without any confusion. Check now all available synonyms test as a trial of your prepared material. View now synonyms for Fresh Candidate who never appeared for any jobs test taken by Government. Grab a chance to improve your skill for Synonyms & Antonyms [...]
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