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Repeated PTS Test MCQs

Repeated PTS Test MCQs

by GotitJanuary 20, 2019

List of Most Repeated PTS Test MCQs with answers For jobs in 2019,

        Repeated PTS Test MCQs

  1. Member of constituent assembly 1946 jogendrnath
  2. 1973 constitution became effective on 14th August
  3. First marshal law 7th Oct 1958
  4. One unit 1954
  5. AIML founded in Dhaka
  6. Simla deputation met Curzon
  7. Annulment of Bengal partition in 1911
  8. Cabinet palm had three members
  9. Second government general of PAKISTAN. Nizamuddin
  10. Plants intake O2 and produce CO2 at night
  11. Al Aqsa mosque Jerusalem
  12. Us states 50
  13. Egypt in Africa
  14. Bronze alloy cu and tin
  15. NATO North Atlantic treaty org
  16. Without bismillah surah Tauba
  17. NWFP became province under British rule 1901
  18. Prophet’s daughters; 4
  19. Hazrat Khadija took Muhammad PBUH to; Warqa Bin Naufal
  20. Soorah without Bismillah; Tauba
  21. 1st compilation of Quran; Hazrat Abo-Bakar RA
  22. Zunnorain; Hazrat Usman RA
  23. Conquest of Makkah; 8th AH
  24. Miraj incident; 10th Nabwi
  25. Death of Muhammad PBUH; 632 AD (Iwrote633AD)
  26. 1st Revelation; 6B
  27. Al-Aqsa mosque; Jeru Salem
  28. Al aasa mosque is in the bait-ul-muqdas old city of Jerusalem.
  29. Quran PAK converted into a book in the era of Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique.
  30. 8th Amendment in constitution Is in the era of Genziaulhaq in 1985 and excessively used by president Ghulam Ishaq Khan.
  31. First commander and chief of Pakistan frank misservy.
  32. Second governal general of Pakistan is Khawaja Muhammad nazimuddin.
  33. Heptagon has seven sides.
  34. Scalene Triangle: No equal sides, No equal angles
  35. 8th Hijri Fateh Makkah.
  36. Simla deputation presented them memorial in front of Viceroy Lord Minto
  37. A Lightyear is a unit of length.
  38. Member of constitution assembly in 1946 was jogendrnath.
  39. First marshal law 7th Oct 1958.
  40. Partition of Bengal was on 1911.
  41. The freezing point of water is 32f.
  42. Distillation Is the process through which salt Is removed from the water.
  43. Meteorology is the scientific study of the atmosphere.
  44. Red green and blue are primary colures.
  45. Rowlattact also was known as The Anarchica land Revolutionary Crimes Act,1919.
  46. Lack of Vitamin-A; Night-Blindness
  47. Carrot Is a source of Vitamin; A
  48. Mycology; Study of Fungi
  49. Electrons revolve around; Nucleus
  50. Battery; converts chemical to electrical   

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  1. Universal donor; O negative( That’s what I have written)
  2. Sun; Star
  3. Plants intake/out-take at night; Oxygen/Carbon di Oxide
  4. Laughing gas; Nitrous Oxide
  5. The freezing point of Water; 32F
  6. Salty water; Distillation(I wrote Filtration)
  7. Primary colours; I wrote Red-Green-Blue(Don’t know the right answer)
  8. Pencil; Graphite
  9. Light-year; Length/distance
  10. Spider; 8 legs
  11. Bronze; Cu- Tin
  12. Meteorology; Study of atmosphere
  13. Unit of current; Ampere
  14. Governor General of SBP-Ashraf Mehmood wathra
  15. 2nd Governor General of Pakistan- Nazimudin
  16. Of daughter’s of SAW-4
  17. President of Iraq- Fuad Masum
  18. US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistanis- James Dobbins.
  19. Franc’s President- François Hollande
  20. Turkey’s President- Tayyip Erdoğan
  21. Iran’s President- Hassan Rouhani
  22. Unit of Current- Ampere
  23. Zunurain (having 2 noors who got married to the daughters of SAW)- Usman
  24. Sound can’t travel through a vacuum.
  25. Chemical to electricity is-Battery
  26. Pak area- 79695 km2
  27. Egypt in- Africa
  28. Suez Canal Connects –Red Sea+ Mediterranean sea
  29. US States- 50
  30. The 1st revelation took place in-610 AD
  31. Al-Aqsa mosque is in- Jaruselaeum
  32. 1st Martial law took place in- 7th Oct 1958
  33. Partition of Bengal annulled- 1911
  34. Lucknow pact was between- Muslim + Congress
  35. The freezing point of water is 0 degree
  36. Salt gets off though- distillation
  37. 5, 8, 11,? 14
  38. Electrons revolve around- Nucleus
  39. Pencil – Graphite
  40. Ozone protects- UV Rays
  41. One unit was initiated on 22nd Nov & established/took place on-14th Oct 1955
  42. KPK was constituted to become a province by British in- 1946
  43. Normal body temperature
  44. Location of genes in the body, DNA
  45. NO: of poles in magnet.. 2
  46. Opposite charge.Attracts
  47. The charge is stored in…Capacitor
  48. Dia material ways divide the circle in…2 parts
  49. No of bones in human skeleton….206
  50. A right angle is, 90


                Repeated PTS Test MCQs

  1. The ratio of 1km to 600m..5/3
  2. The power set of (1,2,3) has no elements, 8
  3. For the survival of species. , reproduction is necessary
  4. Study of medicine manufacturing is called, pharmacy
  5. Saifullah is tittle of which sahabi, Khalid bin Waleed R.A
  6. Muslim stay in, during the social boycott
  7. Who translated the Quran from Arabic into Persian, Shah Waliullah
  8. The basic belief in Islam, 5
  9. Diamond is the form of Carbon
  10. Dangerous gases, Co
  11. Allindia Muslim league was founded in, Dhaka
  12. Quaid-e-Azam delivered 14 points in 1929
  13. The first president of Pakistan, Iskandar Mirza
  14. Last Viceroy of India, Lord mount batten
  15. The capital of Nepal (Kat Mando)
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