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Solved Mcqs For All Jobs

Solved Mcqs For All Jobs

by GotitJanuary 20, 2019

Top 50 Questions & Solved Mcqs For All Jobs

  • Which of the following gases is used in fire extinguisher?

A. Carbon Monoxide
B. Sulfur Dioxide
C. Carbon Dioxide
D. Nitrogen

  • The colour of the sky is blue due to _____ of light.

A. Reflection
B. Scattering
C. Refraction
D. Diffraction

  • One US barrel of oil is equal to: 

A. 42 litres
B. 3.785 liters
C. 158.987 liters (42 gallons x 3.785 liters)
D. 3.785 gallons

  • Dolly is the name of the 

A. First cloned sheep
B. First cloned monkey
C. First test-tube baby
D. First human fossil


  • Steel is an alloy of

A. Zn + Sn
B. Fe + C
C. Cu + Zn
D. Cu + Sn

  • Bronze is an alloy of

A. Zn + Sn
B. Cu + Pb
C. Cu + Zn
D. Cu + Sn

  • Brass is an alloy of

A. Zn + Sn
B. Cu + Pb
C. Cu + Zn
D. Cu + Sn

  • Alloys are mixtures of two or more

A. Metals
B. Non-metals
C. Gases
D. Metal and Non-metal

  • Sound cannot travel through

A. Vacuum
B. Liquids
C. Solids
D. Gases


  • Which substance is used in matchsticks? 

A. Sulphur
B. Zinc
C. Phosphorus
D. Nitric Acid

  • Washing soda (Na2CO3) in water behaves like ______

A. Alkaline
B. Acidic
C. Neutral
D. None of the these

  • What does a Sphygmomanometer measure?

A. Blood Pressure
B. Atmospheric Pressure
C. The pressure at the workplace
D. Lung Pressure

  • A light year is the unit of _______

A. Light
B. Speed
C. Distance
D. Space

  • Which one of the following can be used to focus sunlight?

A. Plane mirror
B. Concave lens
C. Concave mirror
D. Convex mirror

  • Heating element of an electric heater is made up of _______

A. Tungsten
B. Graphite
C. Chromium
D. Nichrome

  • Most of the ozone in the atmosphere is concentrated in the _______

A. Mesophere
B. Troposphere
C. Stratosphere
D. Ionosphere

  • Which part of the camera is analogue to the retina in the human eye?

A. Lens
B. Film
C. Aperture
D. Shutter

  • Permanent magnets can be made from _______

A. Cobalt
B. Aluminium
C. Zinc
D. Lead

  • What is the chemical name of bleaching powder?

A. Calcium Hypochlorite Ca(ClO)2
B. Calcium Chlorate Ca(ClO3)2
C. Calcium Chloride CaCl2
D. Chlorine Cl2

  • The Green House Effect is caused by an excess of _______

A. Carbon Dioxide
B. Carbon Monoxide
C. Carbon Tetrachloride
D. None of above

  • The sky appears blue because the Earth’s atmosphere ______

A. Scatters blue light
B. Reflects blue light
C. Transmits blue light
D. Has actual blue cover

  • The most abundant element in Earth’s crust is _______

A. Silicon
B. Iron
C. Aluminium
D. Oxygen (46.6%)

  • Water vapour beyond the dew point results in _______

A. Precipitation
B. Hailstorm
C. Condensation
D. Ice formation

  • The working principle of a washing machine is _______

A. Dialysis
B. Reverse Osmosis
C. Diffusion
D. Centrifugation

  • Water has a maximum density at _______

A. 0ºC
B. 4ºK
C. 4ºC
D. 4.8ºC

  • Instrument to detect the purity of milk is _______

A. Lactometer
B. Hydrometer
C. Manometer
D. hygrometer

  • satellite moving around the earth with a uniform speed has _______

A. An accelerated motion
B. No acceleration at all
C. Uniform acceleration
D. Uneven accleration

  • The rear view mirror of a motor vehicle is  _______

A. Concave
B. Plane
C. Convex
D. Biocancave

  • Which gas is commonly used in balloons and airships?

A. Hydrogen
B. Helium
C. Carbon
D. Hydrogen sulphide

  • Soft drinks or carbonated water contains

A. HCl
B. NH3
C. CO2
D. O3


  • What does fossil fuels means:

A. Gas
B. Oil
C. Petroleum
D. All of above

Tax Inspector-16

  • Man exhales _____ and inhales _____ during respiration

A. Oxygen & Carbon dioxide
B. Carbon dioxide & Oxygen
C. Carbon monoxide & Oxygen
D. Carbon & Nitrogen

Tax Inspector-16

  • The vertical columns of the periodic table are called

A. Periods
B. Groups
C. Blocks
D. All of these

Tax Inspector-18 (LHR)

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  • What is the main purpose of nuclear energy

A. Destruction of enemy nations
B. Use an alternative energy source
C. To waste excessive energy
D. To cause mutation for people who are working

Tax Inspector-18 (LHR)

  • Property of a substance to absorb moisture from air on exposure, is called:

A. Osmosis
B. Deliquescence
C. Efflorescence
D. Desiccation

Tax Inspector-18 (Guj)

  • According to a recent research in University of Berlin, which of the following element can make bond with more than four atoms, that has previously seen as its limit?

A. Silicon
B. Carbon
C. Germanium
D. Flerovium

Tax Inspector-18 (Guj)

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  • Sunlight is composed of:

A. Three colours
B. Five colours
C. Seven colours
D. Ten colours

Tax Inspector-18 (Guj)

  • What is the harm from the depletion of Earth’s Ozone Layer?

A. The average operation of the Earth’s surface will increase gradually
B. The oxygen content of the atmosphere will decrease
C. The increased amount of UV rays will reach Earth’s surface
D. Sea levels will rise as the polar ice caps will gradually melt

Tax Inspector-18 (Fsd)

  • Splitting of light into its constituent colours is known as:

A. Refraction
B. Reflection
C. Prismatic
D. Dispersion

Tax Inspector-18 (Fsd)

  • When a pen is dipped in water, it appears tilted. Which phenomena is responsible for tilting?

A. Reflection
B. Refraction
C. Diffraction
D. Total Internal Reflection

Customs Inspector-15

  • When a moving bus stops suddenly, the passengers in the bus stop forward. This sudden movement is due to:

A. Inertia
B. Energy Conservation
C. Newton 3rd law
D. None of these

Customs Inspector-15

  • “To every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction”. This is the statement of Newton’s:

A. 1st Law of Motion
B. 2nd Law of Motion
C. 3rd Law of Motion
D. None of these

Asst AH-18

  • For galvanizing of iron which of the following metal is used?

A. Aluminium
B. Copper
C. Lead
D. Zinc

SI PCD-16/Asst AH-18

  • Bats can fly in the dark because:

A. They are guided by ultrasonic waves produced by them
B. Any bird can do so
C. They have a better vision in the dark
D. The pupils of their eyes are very big

Asst AH-18

  • Which of the following is used for hearing the sound of heart and lungs?

A. Stereoscope
B. Stethoscope
C. Telemeter
D. Hygrometer

Asst AH-18

  • Heavy water used in Nuclear reactors (acts as a Neutron Moderator to slow down neutrons) is also called?

A. Deuterium Oxide (D20)
B. pH 7
C. Distilled water
D. Tritium Oxide

Asst AH-18

  • What is the boiling point of water?

A. 130oC
B. 80oC
C. 100oC
D. 120oC

Tax Inspector-14

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